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What da “H@!! do you think If I was stuck with a bayonet I wouldn’t Bleed?

What da What? Come on and say something to the human race if you can.

I have cut the cake too! Ah do you suppose to control the breath you suck up

In the morning before you get yours out there in the morning breeze?

Please Noyah Please give me a break.

 Well well yeah I bleed too and I was a little smarter than a 5th grader.  You better bet I knew all the continents and many country and mountain ranges but mostly Mathematics was my first love and then I set to cutting cakes and rasing children and serving the nation was just one thing that I did—so don’t player hate you still don’t know me yet.  So ask the nay sayers, haters and players about single moms and all those things and see if you find the likes of my kind among them.  If I ever ran it wasn’t from responsibility but toward a finish line in a hot paced 440 or 220.




The records show that I was treated and released from Womack Army Hospital on 4 October 1966.  One procedure given was an Intraveneous Phylegram (IVP) on 26 September 1966.



This is a profile for high blood pressure  “3P” 

The written hospital discharge show that the IVP was completed 26 Sept 66 and this date was prior to date of hospiitalization.  Another was performed 29 Sept 66 and a bruit in the abdomen was discovered; systolic heart murmur and narrowing of the arteries.  The IVP showed a double collecting system which one doctor called normal.  Now if you answered the first question about the diagnosis as resulting from trauma would not pass the test for medical qualification it given by Dr. Jackson the US Army Cardiovascular surgeon.



This is the profile for low back syndrome.  What actually is a syndrone it seems that those things are in the head and not the back.  The automobile struck me in the back and I struck my head when I was tossed about twenty feet into the ditch.  Sure I had a Head ache and maybe that’s what they were talking about but this Idea struck me as strange because the pain in my back was real.


The back of the second profile show that “D” means no streneous physical activities and “U” is a special code for no parachute jumping.  It appeared that the Unit Comander was in tune with the medical boards because he gave me 30 days convalesence leave from 18 NoV 66 through 19 Dec 66.  What da What do you think was the reasons for these actions.  Now don’t forget that I was promoted to specialist E/4 on May 20, 1966 and was a specialist on a 4.2 Mortar when I was struck by the automobile 17 Sept 66.

WHA? say You–no injury!!!

Well I said I was Airborne not bionic!

Do you believe the actions taken hospitalization, two light duty profiles, 30 convalesence leave indicate no injury but essential hypertension.  There were numerous prescriptions including some for High blood pressure, fainting, dizzeness ect.  What say you—ever been struck in the back by and automobile traveling at a high rate of speed?


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Struck by Automobile 9-17-66

Dispensary records show that IVP was ordered 20 september 66 and 27 september 66 before admitted to the Wormack Army Hospital on 28 September 66.

The VA indicates that it received these records and C&P examination indicate that US Army medical records show high blood pressures at 160/100 and ignore the higher pressures or 185/120 and 176/110 shown on the same page which they got the lower readings. The VA also ignore Dr. Wise 154/112 which was on 22 December after the adequate ambulatory period on anti-hypertensive medications.

Soldiers are welcome to note these two documents and tell me what do you think. I was airborne and gun-woHa do you think this covered my a?? when I was struck by an Automobile. If my normal blood pressure was 130/70 and never before discovered to be a diastolic greater than 80 before the accident do you think the high pressure reading the day of the accident was due to the accident or unexplained?

Now if there are a number of diagnosis and one included unexplained high blood pressure and the other high blood pressure due to trauma as a result of injuries sustained to the back from being struck by an automobile which one do the think would be correct. Which one do you think the US Army picked. Let me get a shout out from you veterans? What is the appropriate diagnosis?

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