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The spirit warrior and soldiers of the spirit have a limited time to retrieve their soul for the second coming to the life until their mission is complete. This challenge for the private to state his Pro Se journey was the unique opportunity to address his spirit nothing more. He began with:

O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? (KJV) Corinthians I 15:55

This was the response the fear of what they had said was the ARM and Gettum and now they tried to correct him saying, “no the word is one word like Armageddon an apocalypse.

“Like I don’t know what I am talking about,” he replied.

“well explain to us,” they said urgently.

“It has nothing to do with Meggido in the sense you ascribe”

Then what one of the little old ladies asked-

2001 Mamie A. Horne was back in Florida and boxes were stacked everywhere. The files of injustice and the perpetual excuse for justice deferred were everywhere. The lawyers, clerks and individuals were getting paid upon her grief. I thought about the time when she could have brought the matter in the press and open up the way to be heard by the people and she could not stand it any more. 1990 thru 1991 when Tim was serving in the Persian Gulf and she was said to be AWOL from the USDOJ ABC news indicated they wanted the story when and if she was being evicted. Ten years had suddenly passed and VA sent me their death notice.

What’s that to do with Armageddon?

I never said such a thing. She armed herself with many boxes and drug them across the country and employed me to help her from storage to storage bin. It was all followed by paralysis. On her feet again, Eric had gone and gotten her when she had called because she could not face the eviction from her apartment. His arm could not help her. She didn’t understand the Arm or need to be Armed but had always worked close to the Army and Government.

You saying she had arms but didn’t know how to use them?

She could use them OK but She had faced the threats from housing her government-sponsored lender. She was denied the funds and retirement which she had earned and the problem was not clear so she was all over the place with boxes and every one offered storage. It was the same old game.

And she was trying to get away from storage?

Yes, that was one thing but there was the voice in her head saying Gettum over and over. We had traveled to gather and the devil had chased us up and down the word between the most remarkable signed but it always seem the same results.

There was no solution?

Sure they chased her and she chased them back. Devils were everywhere and threats and all that kind of thing. So she was in Miami and Eric went and got her furniture from storage in Dade City. The exercise accumulated lots of bills and the private wound up in storage. Every moment seem left behind and not a part of their rapture. In fact it seem they all were full of something and it was not the Holy Spirit. He didn’t believe the Holy spirits would dwell in such places where lies and inconsistencies exist. It all seemed like some kind of vile game, which was being played on him. But he had prayed before hand and was allowed to suffer to learn the truth. Eric brought Mamie things to Miami and a good number of his file boxes were mixed with them.

He suggested that she call her sons and see if they could raise enough money to buy the materials to build storage to place the boxes. He refused to continue to store even his things. It was all too much. Mamie had continued to try to get social security disability. She had been refused OPM disability and taken her retirement to purchase the lots adjacent to Aunt Victoria property. Dade City had refused to re-zone the property to residential and allow Pasco County to build anything on the land. They refused to accept their zoning recommendations. Eric’s duplex was no longer a refuge they needed to move all of those things in there because he was preparing to rent the place.

It was the same old story hurry up and wait. Then when the pressures moved her to the media they doled out a little money and every thing was haywire again. She was still trying to get assistance from Florida and they insist that she had transferred the property to the private as a ruse to draw food stamps.

The State of Florida didn‘t allow over $2,000 in assets of a person was applying for welfare. The property had a tax-evaluation of apox. $18,000 and Mamie showed that IRS claim and lien was higher. The IRS claim reduced the equity below zero but the Welfare held that the Fair market value was in excess of $35,000 they held this position without having any appraisal.

So you see there was an arm out to gettum in 2000. He was stuck with the problems and all of the same problems were out to gettum. Dade City tax appraiser reduced the property value to about $12,000 and the IRS transferred the lien to him. Mamie added an affidavit to warrant and defend title of the property against all such claims. Mr. Bush was elected by the CIA active in Seminole County and that a sign of things to come. He was told that it was time for him to clear out my boxes. Leroy offered him space in his house so he moved all of the boxes into the closet in the room he was letting him use.

2001 the VA stepped up its harassment. He couldn’t sell because of the erroneous lien, which the IRS had placed on the property. The property was blighted and Dade City continued to act. The VA and IRS had stepped up as the key combatants in the battle of succession. The federal government had their long treasure and the people money and time to wage their war against Mah family. In March 2001 VA sent his family a notice of my death.

VA had taken his primary source of income. VA was using Title 38 to shield their illegal actions against him. They was just another federal agency using it powers, authority, and process to subject him to further injury and even death.

It brought back memories of the US Army actions and their violations of US Army regulations. VA did not immediately restore his benefits so he began to see what he could do to survive. He took a job with Kurt Johnson, Leroy Hicks, brother-in-law remolding a room in his house and correction stoop to his outside doorway. The work was too much and he was further injured.

He suffered a groin injury feeling pain in my lower stomach, groin and back. These pains were followed by cramps and he had no strength in his legs. VA showed totally no concern about his medical care. He had depended on his creator all of his life. In fact he considered life after 1968 was a miracle in every sense of the word. He had faced the threats of angels following the Shed. These so called dark angels were something else with death in their ranks. All had a day of reckoning and judgment. He was blessed having to faced judgment everyday. Threats from dark forces were surged away. The few moments of peace enjoyed in Leroy Hick’s space, was welcomed. The IRS lien remained until Attorney Nashid Sabir sent a letter to the Secretary of treasure.

VA had restored the monies July 26, 2001. He was making salat on September 11, 2001 and Leroy Hicks tapped the door. He finished the prayer and got up and went in his living room. The second plane miss but made that computerize guided missile like turn and strike the second tower. The WTC was afire and death, smoke, and carnage were on a wide scale. He could not help feeling that the had changed. He was not sure how but knew that life would not be what the world had known it to be. The IRS notified him that it had lifted the lien and notified the clerk of the court on that day. There was a great and unexplained calm in the air something drastically wrong had happened. There would be no way to fix it.

2002 he went to his patriarch family reunion. He knew only a few of his father’s people because his mother’s raised him. There was stress and problems related to vain recollections. These were mysteries of death not glories of life. He could never understand the slaughter and vain saying afterward. The shadows of Jesus, JFK, MLK, Malcolm-X, George Jackson…all of these shadows were haunts. Who cared about the life and ways of these men who were on all these walls? Now another memorial and dismissal of those suffering and the taking went on and on. The slaughter and what was all the parading around it suppose to accomplish?

He had no use for smiling faces or admonitions to seek the Lord in these times. One little copper in the cup and bless you from Well-fed lips. What vile introspections of life. Grinning faces of oppression in a ball room setting. He had little use for lies and traditions and conflict in characters. All those remembering the words of God. The Ghettonomics of these folk. He could ride the A train with the rest of his kind that would be better. At when he was on public transportation and people held their noses it would be understood. These people had no part and that was a good thing. He could wear his fatigue jacket and could not reach up but get up with his arms impinged to my sides and scurry to the door but his will was beyond the reproach. The grateful undead uncomfortable became irritated by bacteria which had become the daily companion to the homeless veteran.

The great slaughter had begun. There was no way to put the genie back in the box and in May 2003 Leroy Died around the time when VA again discontinued his benefits for two more months. VA indicated that they were collecting an over payment which they made during the arbitrary taking. VA refused to grant me a hardship waiver and refused to take the monies a little at a time. They discontinued the whole compensation due and as much as told him to go to hell with the CHF and all.

When he inquired on May 2, 2003 he was informed that he was not a disabled veteran and had never received any disability benefits from either the VA or Social Security Administration. VA wanted to make it clear to him that they had no concern for his health or safety. He got the message so the Pro Se attempted to get his old records began in earnest. He was denied any records showing treatments by VA Hospital Brooklyn 1968 and VA East Orange 1993. VA was still trying to exhibit its brill file created in 1993 as my original claim. You have the story that is before the US District Court which was filed 2005. Enough is enough! They mark his file 666 and maybe that was just a game to them. They say that he is combatant from a rare gene pool and all he can say is that he have human relatives. Some of them have spoken up for themselves and been on the independent side of things and the are strong believers in the freedom and rights of the human. It has been about racism but some one had made it about blood. He claim oneness with the universal man with the blood of all so he has little recourse in playing the game of racism he can not win. They have the nerves to tell reverend Larry to be cool. But he still have the nerves to say lets get pass black stay back, brown stick around, yellow stay mellow and let the red man get ahead man then call on the white to get right.


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